About Us

RMC|Compuprint North America is a joint venture between RMC International Inc. and Compuprint s.r.l to better serve the North American Compuprint customer base. Our goal is to establish Compuprint as the #1 serial dot matrix printer provider in North America. We aim to achieve this by shortening the supply chain from Compuprint Head Office in Italy by warehousing a master inventory of printers, supplies, and spare parts in North America -- Improving upon product lead time, availability, and customer response time.

About RMC International Inc.

RMC International Inc is an industry leader in the engineering & manufacturing of OEM products and a major worldwide distributor of high-end and niche printing and service solutions. With over 16 years experience as an IBM Business Partner, and operations in Canada, the United States and Europe, RMC International is a global leader in supporting manufacturers, resellers, service companies, maintainers, and systems engineers for all of their hardware, service, and technical needs.

About Compuprint s.r.l

Compuprint is a leader in the development and manufacturing of printing solutions for professional, industrial and transactional applications. With over 40 years of manufacturing experience in the print industry – including developing and manufacturing the legendary IBM/InfoPrint 4247 line of serial printers – Compuprint continues to produce innovative solutions that lead the industry in speed, reliability and total cost of ownership.